BeBrand with "Médico dos Dentes"

BeBrand is working on “Médico dos Dentes” communication (Rita Pereira is one of the brand ambassadors). Since last September we started this regular collaboration with the clear objective of creating greater brand awareness (in particular through its content in social media, but also in a broader communication strategy that obviously includes Design).

Soon “Médico dos Dentes" (currently with seven clinics) will also be at Porto. Good luck (and we will continue to work)!

New Website – YOU Dental Clinic

The new website "YOU - Dental Clinic" is now online.
A project that deserved the usual dedication and commitment from our team and resulted in a significant upgrade for YOU – Dental Clinic's communication.
Design, Implementation and  SEO Optimization by BeBrand:

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The SEO is reflected on the content and organization, on site navigation, as the code of the page, in the presence of pages in social network shares...
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i Meco, Ai Meco

i Meco. New bar in Meco.
We worked the image, they work cocktails and good environment.
Any resemblance to other apples is no coincidence.
Fresh Branding waiting for the summer.

Fruit juice brand illustrations

An illustration work (design) for a recognized brand of fruit juices.
For confidentiality reasons we cannot reveal its name, but one of these days you may be faced with it (most likely in a supermarket near you). Confess that it makes you feel like it…
We liked the result a lot, so for us it's good "news”.

West Life Magazine now available

BeBrand’s work with West Life Real Estate Agency concluded one of its aspects.The West Life Magazine is now available from the first days of March and to be distributed in several places (focusing specially in Mafra).
It is a project which has, besides its commercial aspect, a special concern with image and the applied graphic aspect (well-structured contents, pleasant reading and functionality, integrated on a careful communication context).
There are 10,000 copies around. It is possible that you find the house you like “inside” one of them.

Clínica Dentária YOU - A reference project

The first weeks of work of "YOU - Dental Clinic" (Malveira - Mafra) have proved to be a success and continue to allow the excellent professionals team that integrate it (led by Dr. Pedro Freitas) the exercise of a work of recognized excellence in the field of dentistry. BeBrand will continue to help in what is necessary so YOU's goals can be accomplished.

BeBrand in the brazilian market with Sandinox

The good design is universal, so for BeBrand the borders (or the Atlantic Ocean) are no obstacle.
30 Years Sandinox - Technology in healthcare.
Branding (30th anniversary company logo), and applications (corporate identity and stand) for brazilian appreciation.


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